Matthew Telesca is a successful businessman and serial entrepreneur.

Matthew Telesca's Bio:

Matthew Telesca is an American businessman, serial entrepreneur, and investor. Telesca founded MGN Logistics, Inc in May of 2000. An early pioneer of web-based transportation solutions, Telesca launched later that same year. The website was one of the first fully automated LTL marketplaces. Customers could easily set up accounts, rate shipments from multiple carriers, create shipping documents and track their freight online. The site had immediate and explosive user growth as customers flocked to it for shipping options. In March of 2004, Telesca sold the website to a group of private equity investors for an undisclosed amount. Shortly after the sale, Telesca purchased D & S Transportation, a Boston-based freight management company. He quickly implemented a newly developed digital platform for his customers. This new platform would later become the backbone of Telesca’s proprietary Transportation Management Software (TMS). With the company continuing to grow, a new office was established in Orlando. Heavily reinvesting in advanced technology solutions, MGN started to attract clients with a broader supply chain need and by November of 2013, the company had expanded its offices to include Philadelphia, Boston, Orlando and Santiago, Dominican Republic. Then in January of 2014, Telesca acquired another logistics company, New Jersey based brokerage, Laser Transportation Systems. Laser specialized in full truckload shipments for some of the country’s largest shippers. That same year, MGN Logistics was recognized by Inc. magazine, as one of the fasting growing private companies in the United States. The following year, Telesca acquired three more companies, including Discount Diesel and, cloud-based freight technology solutions, along with a Chicago-based digital brokerage with proprietary truckload pricing software. Telesca’s original freight platform had been transformed into one of the most advanced transportation software solutions in the market. In 2018, Telesca acquired a Philadelphia-based leading parcel auditing company, with a best-in-class proprietary rerating and auditing technology. This tool was then added to MGN’s already cutting-edge next generation TMS. July of 2021, Telesca made his most recent acquisition, Sacramento-based, Republic Logistic Services, a niche truckload service provider. Today, MGN Logistics is recognized as the leading technology company in the transportation space with over $50M in revenue and Matthew Telesca was featured as one of the top 20 best performing CEO's to watch in 2018 and 2019.

Matthew Telesca's Experience:

  • President and CEO at AI Logistics LLC

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in logistics and supply chain management will change how we conduct business in the future. There has never been a more exciting time for collaboration between logistics and technology professionals as they enable AI in logistics. AI Logisitcs LLC, founded by logistics veteran and entrepreneur, Matthew Telesca, is focused on integrating blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to efficiently optimize some of the industry's antiquated processes. Imagine, a trustless brokerage transaction optimized by deep learning.

  • Founder and CEO at MGN Logistics, Inc.

Matthew Telesca's Interests & Activities:

Telesca is an avid reader, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He has started and sold several companies and maintains substantial holdings in numerous others. Telesca has substantial investments in MGN Logistics, AI Logistics, Puerto Rico Air, and iLogistics Technologia. Additionally, he has several million dollars in real estate and cryptocurrency holdings. Telesca's net worth is estimated between $18 -$23 million.